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Welcome to ‘Graceful Horses’, a worldwide collection of photos and stories born out of deep love. Horses have been in my Romanian ancestors’ lives for centuries and I believe, they were in my genes long before I came to realize it.
I intend to use my lens and words to bring this passion to life for the world to enjoy. My photographic work is a humble tribute to what horses represent: grace, majesty, immense power, beauty, wisdom, resilience…just to name a few of their attributes.
Horses were born on this planet to inspire and support humanity on its journey towards a better world.
Let’s honour them together and share their gifts with each other. The horses will be happy we do.


I am passionate about capturing horses at liberty, horses with their loving owners, equestrian interiors,
everything revolving around life with horses.
I adore decorating spaces with my custom equine art pieces.

I would love to meet you and your horses, wherever you are in the world!