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Equine photographer Manuela Stefan

Horse portraits in Mexico: Julie

The horses brought Julie and I together. Since, we have had a magical journey. Originally from Belgium, Julie was in the process of moving to Jamaica (her current home country) […]

Lazy L&B Ranch wedding photographer

A splendid wedding at the Lazy L&B Ranch in Dubois, WY

I have experienced quite a bit of serendipity since horses came into my life. They have brought me to amazing places around the globe and have introduced me to some […]

Rancho Xotolar: an authentic Mexican experience

While visiting the charming colonial town of San Miguel de Allende in Central Mexico, I traveled to the spectacular high planes and discovered an absolute gem: Rancho Xotolar, a place […]

The wild mustangs of the Big Horn Basin, Wyoming

Almost three years ago I was embarking on a wondrous journey. It started, like many adventures, with a strong desire: to travel the world and photograph horses. I imagined them […]

The Gros Ventre River Ranch of Jackson, Wyoming

While exploring the area around Jackson, Wyoming and exhibiting my equine art at the Western Design Conference in town, I had the privilege to live in a place that is […]

Montana Horses: the last roundup, May 2012

One quiet evening in the fall of last year I was browsing the Internet looking for places where wild Mustangs ran free. Out of the blue and for no apparent […]