Graceful Horses at the Royal Winter Fair 2015

It is with great pleasure to let you all know that I will be an exhibitor at the Royal Winter Fair (Nov 6-15, 2015). I am participating with my equine art for the first time and it has been a truly exhilarating process.

Going through everything I have to pick the images for the art show invited me to contemplate the way horses have affected my life. Forever. I am feeling so many things now, looking back at all my amazing experiences with them. There is much to say.
But the most important part is this: for as long as I am on this Planet, I will dedicate everything that I am and can do to honour their beautiful spirit and share their majesty with the world. My work is an homage to how these incredible beings have served us all.

Please visit me in the Artists’ Gallery (Heritage Court), Booth H33. I will wait for you, surrounded by all the Graceful Horses 🙂

Artists' Gallery at the Royal Winter Fair




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