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Equine photographer Manuela Stefan

Horse portraits in Mexico: Julie

The horses brought Julie and I together. Since, we have had a magical journey. Originally from Belgium, Julie was in the process of moving to Jamaica (her current home country) […]


The Atlantic Shores Stables: a riding gem in St Lucia

My photography work brought me to St Lucia early this year and I used the opportunity to tap into the local equine world. To my delight, I found a place […]

Wedding at Pine Brook Farm Spooner Wisconsin

Wedding at the Pine Brook Farm in Spooner, Wisconsin

I am a jet setter. I joke with my friends and tell them: ‘if you ever see me sad, just put me on a plane!’. I have traveled since I […]

Lazy L&B Ranch wedding photographer

A splendid wedding at the Lazy L&B Ranch in Dubois, WY

I have experienced quite a bit of serendipity since horses came into my life. They have brought me to amazing places around the globe and have introduced me to some […]

Rancho Xotolar: an authentic Mexican experience

While visiting the charming colonial town of San Miguel de Allende in Central Mexico, I traveled to the spectacular high planes and discovered an absolute gem: Rancho Xotolar, a place […]

Romanian Lipizzans dance in the snow at the ‘Sambata de Jos’ stud farm

I can only think of Romanian heritage with a profound sense of pride. I travel the world but return to my home country whenever I can. There is so much […]

Rancho Las Cascadas, Mexico

Over the past few years I have traveled extensively to find horses and their people in some of the most interesting locations of this world. I have been to Mexico […]

The wild mustangs of the Big Horn Basin, Wyoming

Almost three years ago I was embarking on a wondrous journey. It started, like many adventures, with a strong desire: to travel the world and photograph horses. I imagined them […]

The Gros Ventre River Ranch of Jackson, Wyoming

While exploring the area around Jackson, Wyoming and exhibiting my equine art at the Western Design Conference in town, I had the privilege to live in a place that is […]

The lovely Hutul horses of the Romanian Carpathians

I was born and grew up in Romania. I often travel back to visit my family and friends. Last December was a bit different. I went home with the intention […]

Photography workshop in Arizona: Oct 6-12, 2013

Manuela Stefan presents: “The Old West, a travel and equine photography workshop”, October 6-12,  2013. Location: The Apache Spirit Ranch, Arizona.

My trip to Equine Pacifica, as seen on Equitrekking

Opportunities present themselves to us when we are ready to embrace them and make the most out of them. Sometimes it all begins with an intention we simply throw out […]

Montana Horses: the last roundup, May 2012

One quiet evening in the fall of last year I was browsing the Internet looking for places where wild Mustangs ran free. Out of the blue and for no apparent […]

“WHITE-Power and Grace” equine photography show

Back in February I have had the immense pleasure and joy to present my “White-Power and Grace” fine equine art collection to the world. Sixteen large canvases were exhibited in […]

The Window Series, Scottsdale AZ

My recent trip to Arizona would have not been the same without an absolutely dreamy encounter with some local horses. While in Scottsdale I discovered a ranch with quite unique […]

Power and Grace: the white horses of Camargue

I have always envisioned photographing a white horse. There is a dreamy quality to such an exquisite looking animal. Following a series of ‘coincidences’ I found out about the white […]

Horses, a travel collection

I have had the chance to meet horses every time I went away, close or far, be it around Toronto or elsewhere in the world. I recall the peaceful feeling […]