My trip to Equine Pacifica, as seen on Equitrekking

Manuela Stefan on Equitrekking

Opportunities present themselves to us when we are ready to embrace them and make the most out of them.
Sometimes it all begins with an intention we simply throw out there without necessarily knowing how to go about materializing it. And so we continue on with our lives. Miraculously, at some point in time, what may seem like a small event pops into our reality and a new, spectacular adventure unfolds.

Aside from photographing horses in interesting locations worldwide, I have become very keen on further understanding their nature and establishing a deeper connection with them. I was not quite ready to ride yet, so that was not the answer. The equine assisted programs seemed something I would have considered at some point in time, but I was not prepared for such an experience either.

Then, one day, out of the blue, the answer came with an ease that still makes me smile to this day: Equine Pacifica of Del Mar, California decided to follow me on Twitter. Intrigued by such a resonant name, I researched them.
I read their entire web page content while resonating with every single word. How could I not? Jane Wesson, the owner and experienced massage therapist/ energy worker was eloquently describing her one week long equine body work course.

Californian Coast photos
Southern Californian Coast

Each day would begin with yoga on the beach, followed by a healthy breakfast, then the group would study the anatomy of the magnificent equus and eat some more super healthy food at lunch.
In the afternoon the students would go out to different stables in the area and practice on a variety of horses. Some of them champion racers and jumpers.

California surfer
Surfer riding the wave at sunset in Laguna Beach, California

Wow, how perfect would that be, I thought? I just saw myself there…on the beach…being close to horses…connecting with like minded human beings.
So I called Jane. I remember having a warm, joyous feeling throughout our conversation. Which confirmed this was meant to be. I went with that instinct and booked my trip. Not even two months later I was landing in San Diego with a deep sense of anticipation.

Californian sunset photo
Sun dissolving into the ocean in Laguna Beach, California

Jane Wesson doing Yoga on the beach
Jane Wesson of Equine Pacifica (joined by other beach residents) enjoying morning Yoga

Equine Pacifica students running on the beach
Jane and her Equine Pacifica students happily doing a morning run on the beach (yours truly would normally attend when not taking photos)

After exploring the magnificent coast for a few days, I joined the other students and together we began a wondrous, unexpected journey. At the end of which we emerged as deeply changed human beings, connected to something deeper within ourselves, with even greater admiration for the spirit of our larger-than-life four legged friends and cherishing new found friendships.

Meals at Equine Pacifica course
Savory vegetarian lunch served during the week long course at Equine Pacifica

The week long course has delivered quality on all levels to the point where our expectations (if any) were far exceeded.

Photo of essential oils
Jane Wesson of Equine Pacifica uses essential oils with horses with profound effects on the animals

Equine love
Barn buddies at Sunset Horse Ranch in Del Mar, California

Jane Wesson working on front leg of horse
Jane Wesson of Equine Pacifica demonstrates front leg massage technique at the Clearwater Farm in Encinitas, California

Equine Pacifica course
Jane Wesson and Equine Pacifica student at Dove Hollow stables, Encinitas California

Jane Wesson of Equine Pacifica photo
Jane Wesson of Equine Pacifica demonstrates ear massage technique at Dove Hollow in Encinitas, California

Jane Wesson has a real talent at sharing her knowledge. As simple as this may sound, it is not always the easiest thing to do. Yet she is really gifted at showing others what love and respect for horses can accomplish. And the animals do love her back and are not shy to express their gratitude in the sweetest of all ways.

Jane Wesson and horse Zazou
Jane Wesson of Equine Pacifica and Zazou, Grand Prix champion of Southern California

I can only thank Jane for having opened a new, magnificent portal into my reality. One I gladly chose to step through with her amazing guidance.
I have happily worked with horses since. My soul has expanded and I am grateful I now have the ability to give back to some of the most inspiring beings I have ever met.

Manuela Stefan doing equine body work in Del Mar CA
Yours truly performing her version of equine body work magic in Del Mar, California. (photo taken by Jane Wesson)

Equine Pacifica Certificate
And of course, one of the many rewards for having gone there and done that.



  1. Oh, just thinking about that time emerging myself and my daughter in an experience that awakened so many possibilities and just left me wanting so much more…and knowing that if that was my intention, it would happen, but only by taking that step, that next step that allows me to continue on my journey.
    Thank you so much, Jane! I miss you and all the beautiful women we worked together with…..
    Always Wishing You the Best,

    Comment by Sandy Franzen on February 21, 2014 at 6:52 am

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