The wild mustangs of the Big Horn Basin, Wyoming

Almost three years ago I was embarking on a wondrous journey. It started, like many adventures, with a strong desire: to travel the world and photograph horses. I imagined them wild, manes flying in the air, their powerful spirit shine, their thirst for freedom – the only guiding force.

I have had many amazing encounters since. But it was during my recent trip to the fabulous American West that I finally got to witness one of the most fascinating, soul stirring sights: the mustangs.

I have heard I could find them in Wyoming but was not sure exactly where. So I did my research. And I was guided to stumble upon a passionate man who just loves them: Ken Martin. In 2002 he started the “Red Canyon Wild Mustang Tours” and since, he has brought many guests to meet the horses. I could have not been in better hands. Ken knows mustang history, is an advocate for educating everyone of its utmost importance in the American West context, has studied the herds’ dynamics for many years and he knows each mustang by their name.

While out with Ken, we were fortunate to spot one of the bands he calls “The paints”. As he mentions in his book, “they are some of the shyest horses in the McCullough Peaks herd”. I am grateful they did not decide to shy away from us that day, offering us the unique opportunity to admire them in their splendid free state, unencumbered by the world. Not allowed by law to come too close and interfere with their behaviour, we were lucky enough to get a great glimpse of their healthy, shiny coats and (often entangled but oh, so lovely) manes, bathed in the warm afternoon light. When it was not skipping beats, my heart surely pumped with more intensity and I felt such a pleasant, joyful energy flowing through my meridians 🙂

I returned next day on my own and, almost like a grand closure, I witnessed the exhilarating sight of the same band running into the sunset, like they should. Leaving a cloud of dust behind and me wondering if this was all just a beautiful dream, painted in some of the most beautiful colours I have seen.

Many thanks to Ken Martin for being the most wonderful guide.

Wild mustang area Cody

Wild mustang Cody Wyoming

Wild mustang of Cory Wyoming

Wild mustangs Cody Wyoming

Big Horn Basin Wyoming mustangs

White mustangs Cody at water hole

Cody Wyoming wild mustang

Wild mustangs

Wild mustang Big Horn Basin

Big Horn Basin mustangs




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